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Cold Wax Medium Book
Cold Wax Medium: Technique, Concepts & Conversations

I’m very pleased to announce the publication of Cold Wax Medium: Technique, Concepts & Conversations, in collaboration with San Francisco-based artist and writer, Jerry McLaughlin. The book includes a wide range of information, from illustrated instruction on technique, process and materials. Along with our own research and knowledge, we feature art and information from the community of artists around the world working with cold wax, in a variety of styles and approaches.

Rebecca & Jerry working on Cold Wax MediumJerry and I believe that this book is not only an excellent resource for those starting out, but also a source of inspiration for those more experienced with the medium. It is a comprehensive volume, filled with intriguing ideas, possibilities and thoughtful commentary.

— Rebecca

About Jerry McLaughlin

Jerry McLaughlin's artwork has been exhibited at galleries throughout the Bay Area and Colorado. With a reputation as an expert in cold wax medium, he focuses his major energies on painting, teaching, and writing. Trained as a pediatric intensive care physician, he has many educational publications, has received multiple teaching awards, and holds a certificate in adult education from the University of Washington. Jerry and his husband Mike, live in Oakland, California. They eat in their kitchen and park in their driveway because Jerry writes in their dining room and paints in their garage. Jerry can be reached at

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