Artist Statement
Many ideas and images pass through my mind as I paint. The passage of time and aging, the accumulation of experience. The symbolic and visual aspects of natural processes--stratification, collapse, compression. The ephemeral marks that people leave behind. And always, Iím aware of sensory memories of particular places in the landscape that have moved me. The textures and colors of the boglands of Ireland, and of rugged coastal cliffs carved by weathering and by the sea. Soft, atmospheric veils of color in mist, and ancient surfaces of stone.

Painting satisfies a basic need for me--a channel to my inner self, a reflection of meaningful experiences, a connection to other people--and I cannot imagine life without it. After painting professionally for almost 30 years, the development of my personal abstract iconography still compels me to confront the endless challenges of my process. I work with a balance of spontaneity and careful editing. Multiple layers of paint are selectively scratched, eroded and dissolved, an approach that reflects the natural processes that inspire me. My aim is to achieve a structural integrity through quiet energy and nuanced surfaces.