Artist Statement

"Certain kinds of landscapes move me, and feel like home to my soul. They are rugged, wild, and vast places, yet also contain softness, quiet and mystery. I’ve spent time in places like this in Ireland, northern Sweden, New Mexico and New Zealand—walking, exploring, photographing, and simply being alone in the landscape. Certain moments seem to hold an essence of the place, and these form especially strong sensory memories. Tapping back into these memories leads to my abstract vocabulary of color, texture, line and shape.

Painting satisfies a basic need for me--a channel to my inner self, a reflection of these meaningful experiences, and a path to new discoveries. I’ve been painting professionally for over 30 years, and remain challenged and energized by my process. I work with a balance of spontaneity and careful editing, moving back and forth from intuitive flow to thoughtful analysis. My aim is to achieve structural integrity and strength through the accumulation of quiet passages and nuanced surfaces. I build up multiple layers of paint (with additives including cold wax medium, powdered pigments and sand). Sometimes the layers are thick and textural, other times they are thin veils of color. The layers are selectively scratched, eroded and dissolved, an approach that reflects natural processes of the rugged places I love"

— Rebecca Crowell

“....Crowell is a master of cold wax painting, having conducted workshops for other artists on the medium for nearly a decade, and published a text on its use (Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations, with Jerry McLaughlin, 2017). Her abstract images read as cropped portions of ancient, geological surfaces, with textural variety hinting at fault lines, mineral veins, aged moss, and calcification. Dissonant to her geological referent, however, is a play of light and a slight, occasional translucence, yielding a seemingly internal glow. Without straightforward representation or symbolism, Crowell manages to elicit the brand of awe we associate with the natural world and evidence of the extreme passage of time.”

— Hannah Reeves, Sager Braudis Gallery

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