What artists have to say about Rebecca Crowell’s workshops:

“In addition to being an extraordinary painter (and a lovely person), Rebecca is an amazing teacher. I've been in education, on one level or another, for most of my professional career, 40+ years, so I know a bit about great teaching. Rebecca is a remarkably talented teacher: organized, helpful, tolerant of a multitude of student styles and abilities, supportive of individual work, and completely selfless about sharing ideas, techniques, and approaches. I highly recommend Rebecca's workshops, which have been a principal, positive influence on my own work."
—Max McConkey, Tucson, AZ

"Rebecca is a natural when it comes to teaching. In her workshop, one doesn't feel "being taught" at all, but rather being directed on a step by step journey of discovery - discovery of techniques, of philosophy, of resources, of "self". Unlike many workshops, the journey continues after the event, and, for a very long time in the future, it will have a positive impact on how I approach my work in sculpture, monotype, and clay printing, in addition to painting. Rebecca reaffirmed my belief in the connection between the intuitive process and the intellectual decision-making when creating artwork."
--Barb Chappelle, Ontario, Canada

"Last year, painting was quite a new world to me, and I was looking for some guidance. When I found Rebecca's video on You Tube, I knew I just had to go to her studio workshop. It was so far away from Sweden but I took the trip to attend! ...Wonderful days! Wonderful students! and a wonderful, generous teacher! I enjoyed working with the wax. Rebecca showed us so clearly how to use it...I will return again in spring 2012 to learn even more. I am looking forward so much to attend!"
--Katarina Westman, Sweden

"I've never been so inspired by any other artist's techniques. As soon as I saw Rebecca's work, I wanted to learn to do this."
-- Jala Pfaff, Boulder CO.

“While I approach every situation as a potential learning opportunity and always seek to acquire some new nugget of truth or inspiration, Rebecca's Level 2 far exceeded my expectations. By providing a friendly environment for art making and discussion, coupled with her considerable experience in creating contemporary art, Rebecca delivers the perfect catalyst for any artist willing to jump in, stretch artistically and paint, paint, paint. The new friendships and connections made during the workshop are a wonderful and enriching bonus!”
--James Edward Scherbarth, Minneapolis, MN

"Rebecca's workshop was an inspiration on many levels... she provided clear instructional guidance, with lots of patience & kindness, allowed you to explore & learn, always available for questions, gave a push when stuck... plus her studio was full of amazing artwork & books to assist with the mental/spiritual pursuit of creativity (Trust the Process, Gerhardt Richter, Twyla Tharp)... great experience!!"
–Madeline Garrett, Santa Barbara, CA

"Thanks to Rebecca's organizational skills, versatile teaching style, clear and professional demos, interesting presentations, and the conversational give and take we had during our hands-on time with the materials, I can honestly say this was the best workshop I have ever attended. Thank you so much!"
-- Phyllis Lasche, Livermore, CA

“I have been most impressed with Rebecca's professional attitude and high level of commitment to her own art making as well as teaching. …Rebecca's studio in Osseo, Wisconsin is located in a beautiful natural setting. It was a pleasure and privilege to meet Rebecca on her home turf and to experience the environment that supports and nourishes her artistic vision. I highly recommend her workshops--both for the adventure of learning about oil and wax and for the chance to work with Rebecca. She is an artist who "walks the talk," modeling a dedication to personal integrity and professional excellence. Her introductory workshop combines expert guidance with creative energy and humor as fellow artists explore together.”
--Katherine Rogers Bloomington, MN

“I so needed to express myself in a whole new medium and to think outside my normal oil and watercolor knowledge. This class saved me from the possibility of giving up producing art. Wonderful class, people, instructor and studio.” –Joan Walker, Humbird, WI

"Rebecca is the best! I have taken two workshops with Rebecca and her generosity, professionalism and wonderful way of instructing has changed my painting in a new direction - one I am totally thankful for! I plan to attend another of her workshops in the future as she is overflowing with knowledge and inspiration. Thank you."
—Ginnnie Cappaert, Michigan

“I was a bit intimidated at first (not my nature!) as a non-professional artist at my first ever workshop. But Rebecca has a way of sharing and working with students of all levels. I can honestly say that I left more committed than ever to learning and painting. Along the way, I also met other students at the workshop who have become friends and we now share our work and provide feedback to each other. Rebecca cares about her students, is a very giving person, and I'm very excited to be heading back to her studio to learn more about oil and wax painting and my approach to art. Can't wait!”
—Mark Witzling, St. Louis, MO

“When a fellow artist showed me a cold wax and oil panel she did in one of Rebecca's workshops, it was love at first site. I quickly got on the internet and found a workshop Rebecca was teaching. This four day introductory workshop was incredibly inspirational and FUN. Each morning Rebecca would teach for about an hour…then she would let us loose to play and experiment. In some workshops, the teacher takes up too much time talking and demonstrating when all you are itching to do is get some paint on your hands! It was such a creative experience, I just signed up for Level 2.”
—Eve Ozer, Illinois